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About me

I'm here because I want to make Tabletop gaming be for others, what it has been for me. A refuge in which I can express my creativity and connect with people! A place of escape, and a place where dreams become reality. I was the kid in middle school bringing multiple dungeons and dragons books to class, while neglecting to bring my class book. My love for the game has not changed. I have played for 18 years and been a DM/GM for 15. My goal is to find a group of players and to customize a gaming experience that brings into balance each members game play style and creates meaningful and memorable adventures. But, not just Dungeons and Dragons. Apart from 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, I have also developed a passion for a variety of other systems. I am more than happy to be the GM for a Starfinder campaign or a Keeper of Arcane Lore in a Call of Cthulhu horror campaign. I have, and would love to run any Goodman Games, Wizards of the coast, Paizo, or Chaosium published systems. Also I have built many worlds and would love to bring in homebrew content custom fit for your group. Whether a one-shot or a campaign to level 20 and beyond. I love role play and co-operative story telling, but also love treasure hunting and monster slaying. I love every kind of play style, I love happy players, and I love teaching new players how to play the game. My favorite is the old school danger gaming feel, thus Dungeon Crawl Classics is one of my favorite systems. Please contact me if you have any questions. Until I hear from you... Keep them dice rolling!

GM style

I love role play, but will ease into it slowly for new players. I attempt to end each adventure with a twist or hook to keep us interested and anticipating our next session. I strive to make memorable NPC's and to be flexible with each party's collective desires for gameplay. Fantasy is different than sci-fi, and both are different than horror. I love them all and everything in between. Let us always remember that this is "CO-OPERATIVE" story telling. We are all in this together, and together we will make the experience a special one.I love making player choice push the campaign.

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