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About me

Greetings fellow traveller! My name is Arek (pronounced ah-rec) and I would like to entertain you with a story. For 10 years I have been working as a physicist and I have loved it a lot. However, the one thing that I loved more than that was gaming. I played lots of video games, board games, roleplaying games, and LARPs – I even designed a few! As a GM, I have run over 1000 sessions in more than 30 different RPG systems for more than 300 people over a span of 15 years. Through all of that, I learned that a lighthearted approach focusing on telling a great story is what works best for me. Last year I left my job as an academic and dedicated my life to giving players the best experience they could get – I designed and opened a place in Warsaw (Poland) dedicated to professional in-person gaming. I also started running paid RPG sessions tailored to the players' needs and expectations. I have witnessed time and time again, that sharing the experience of creating a great story through an RPG campaign brings us all closer together and unites us. Let me share this joy with all of you. If you are looking for an adventure of your lifetime, please join me as we discover the secrets of the world together! My Full RPG Resume can be found here: Join my Discord Server, so that we can talk and hang out:

GM style

At the table, I prefer a lighthearted approach, where fun and telling a great story 📖 take priority over game mechanics 🎲. I strongly believe that great stories can only be told through a collaborative effort of the GM and the players, and Immersion plays a vital role in this. That said, I do not mind metagaming if the players find it to be fun. I am also a great fan of the 'Rule of Cool' 🚀, though not to the point where it breaks the game. When playing with me, you can always expect a good laugh now and then, but also some serious scenes - though rarely dark and depressing - we are playing to have fun after all. While I strive to maintain a good balance between roleplay 💬, investigations🔍, puzzle solving 🧩, and tactical combat ⚔, these proportions can be skewed to better suit the player's needs. My players tell me that I am a great World Builder 🌎 and Storyteller 📚. In my campaigns nothing is random and everything is part of a greater narrative. Places, NPC, and characters are interlinked 🔗 - every meeting, every discovery, and every combat are there for a reason and give players new information about the lore of the world 📜. Heroes matter in my stories and it is their journey, that my games tend to focus on.


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