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About me

Hiya Folx, I'm Morri! I'm also known as the Loremother around the interwebs. In addition to pro-GMing, I'm also a game designer. I even worked on a few D&D books and worked on the team that developed EN Publishing's Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. I'm back on StartPlaying after taking some time off to focus on myself, my family and work on some other fun projects. I love tapping into my theater background when I GM and making the world feel alive. I am a bit of a Forgotten Realms nerd (one of the major D&D settings) but am comfortable running in any of the other 5th edition D&D settings (Ravenloft, Ravnica, Theros, Exandria, Eberron). I love teaching new people how to play tabletop roleplaying games and creating spaces where people can feel free and safe to express themselves. Additionally, I also run many of my games in Pastoria, an original world inspired by L. Frank Baum's Oz books, my love of the horror genre, and surrealist/absurdist film and literature.

GM style

I am a GM who loves it when the mechanics and story work together seamlessly. Although, I prefer running theater of the mind I provide maps and other visual aids as needed throughout the session(s). My professional background is as a worldbuilder and I have been praised for my original characters, monsters, and settings by players in my games and professionals in the TRPG industry.


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