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About me

Hi there! I am most known for being the host, producer, writer & presenter of the "Lore By Night" podcast, which focuses on the World & Chronicles of Darkness. It discusses up-to-date lore, reviews games & books, do character creation guides, all done in character with 100% honesty. I wrote "The Kindred Wheelchair" & "The Autarkis Storyteller" homebrew supplements for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. Outside of this, I have run actual plays and oneshots for and with the TTPRG, from content creators, TTRPG authors/developers (mostly notably World of Darkness & Onyx Path Publishing) and everyone else in between over the last 3 years (as of writing). I have been sponsored by Angry Hamster Publishing (Witch Fated Souls) You can find a growing portfolio of my games with the link below As your Storyteller, I encourage accessibility, diversity & patience in everything that I do. I provide consent sheets and run session 0s to encourage to foster a safe space for my players. Whether you're a veteran at a given system or hadn't touched a TTRPG before, you are welcome at my table, providing you offer the same triad of consent back and you consistently come to play. I will not tolerate personal bullying or harassment of any sort. You will get 1 warning, then you are gone.

GM style

• Encourages Roleplay & Rich Storytelling • Loves Doing Character Voices (whether they are good or not is a totally different matter) • Good at Scene Setting • Focus Mainly With Narrative-driven Stories with some combat • I will not tolerate personal bullying or harassment of any sort. You will get 1 warning, then you are gone.


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