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About me

Greetings! Before you is a humble Warlock adventurer. Weathered and well-traveled in these parts. Noticing your hesitance, I reach into my satchel and present you with a handful of coins and gems. "Adventurer, you could share in such rewards - if only you trust in yourself. My experience and your intelligence will provide us with all that we need to complete our quest." Doesn't it sound tempting?? Always does for me! And while I'm new-ish here at StartPlaying, I am anything but new to RPG and Game Mastering. I am known, in-game, as Lord Gyarth (GEE-yarth). My experience with D&D goes all the way back to Gary Gygax and TSR. For those of you who may not know those names, Gary was the co-creator of the game, and TSR was the original company that created the books and tools used to play. Those were exciting times for role-playing games. And, it just keeps getting better. Let me introduce you to this fascinating world. Even if you have never played an RPG in your life, YOU CAN DO THIS. I truly enjoy introducing new players to the game. And don't worry, I'm not a stickler for perfection. After all, this is meant to be FUN! It is not about exactness and knowing each and every rule by heart. Come join in the adventures! I promise you that it will be an experience to remember.

GM style

My style is casual. Playing should not be about having to learn each and every rule by heart. Let me, the GM, worry about the rules. You just need to have an interest in the game, a bit of critical thinking, and of course a character. I make mistakes, just like every player does. So, I'm flexible, and I do not try to force new players into situations that are overly difficult, or that they may be uncomfortable with.


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