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About me

Hey, I'm Chris! I'm an award winning game designer who's written for things like the Fallout RPG, cy_borg, MCDM Arcadia, and loads of other stuff. I've been a GM for about 25 years and I plan on GMing old school games like Mörk Borg, original D&D, Mausritter, and more. My games feature a heavy emphasis on exploration and emergent narrative, with players leading the way and the world reacting to them. I run an open table that allows players to drop in and out of games without worrying about whether they've missed anything, which sessions dictated by what the group wants to do that day. I have a big focus on dungeon crawling and introducing people to a style of play they might not be familiar with.

GM style

I primarily run dungeon-based adventures with a focus on exploration and players interacting with the inhabitants of whatever space they're exploring. I believe that play should be driven by the players and the decisions that they make, and that I'm there to provide a world that reacts in predictable and satisfying ways to the things players do. Play is always driven by what the players want to do. You won't find any railroads here. I love to be surprised by player decisions and pride myself on creating a world that feels real and reacts to the things you do in ways that feel real.


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