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About me

I've been a DM since 2020, and a writer since 2002, as well as a game developer, graphic designer, voice actor, and a million other things. I like to play games that require a little improv, a little critical thinking, and LOVE RP-heavy games. As a queer, white-passing-but-not-white disabled person, I make huge efforts to make my table a safe place for everyone to play, and play as hard and dark or light and silly as suits your fancy. I can run classic adventure campaigns in D&D 5e, whimsical pastoral fantasy in Wanderhome, or absurd, gorey horror in SCP Archives! I'm new to the streaming aspect of this space, but not in the GMing. Let's see what kind of story we can build together!

GM style

I like RP-heavy drama, and I like making sure my players each get a chance to shine. Oh, you're playing a rogue? Expect traps and maybe a cryptic clue in thieves' cant. I've spent way too much time pouring over my books and absorbing all this lore, and I have a million ideas just waiting for an unsuspecting adventuring party to stumble into trouble, perfectly tailored to each of them. I've done improv and writing for so long, you'd be hard-pressed to throw something at me I can't handle, and I relish the challenge of players keeping me on my toes. So long as you respect my table and respect your fellow players, the sky is the limit! I like to leave out multiple questlines at a given time so players can choose their own path, and I like to let players make their own mistakes, but never in a way that will break the game. I encourage and appreciate RP-heavy games, but give you some fun combat that feels rewarding and thrilling as well. Want political intrigue? I've got that. Haunted house crawl? Sure. Absurd homebrew twists on a familiar theme? I got your Ponyfinder right here. Horror, adventure, drama, all fine and good. I'm also a pretty talented voice actor, which I hope adds to immersion for my players, and try my best to use my streaming tech to give you an experience with graphics and music, albeit with the kind of homemade charm that still reminds you of a home game. Got a concept you want to try and bring to life? Let's invent something! I spend way too much time designing fan builds, and waiting for a one-shot to try them out on. As a new DM, I'm presently running D&D 5e (just because it's what I know best atm) through Roll20.

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