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About me

I run the Occultists Anonymous Actual Play team, you can find us on YT, Twitch, and podcast apps. You can see me run some games there for an audience. I've decided to start hosting some games to break out from my normal group of folks, to teach some of my favorite systems, and to experiment with new chronicles and campaign ideas. I like to teach mechanics, so if you're unsure about a system, I'm happy to help you learn it. While I'm happy to be your GM, I also want you to leave my games feeling comfortable enough with the system that you could run it yourself! I've written some homebrew things for the Storyteller's Vault/DriveThruRPG and been published by The Onyx Path.

GM style

I LOVE rules. I learn them deeply, I learn how the system works, what's balanced, what's fair. That way I know how to break the rules best! I put the story first and forward but not in a way that feels steals the fun from players. Rule of Cool should be applied to the scenario as a whole, not so one player can hog the spotlight. I don't do character 'voices' but mannerisms and behavior instead, to ensure clarity of speech, and it's easier for me to remember! If you want to do voices, please feel free! If you enjoy your serious roleplay alongside some good tactical combat or savvy gameplay, then we'll get along real well. I take my roleplay and GMing seriously, but I don't take myself to seriously. It's okay to goof off and make jokes, so long as we're moving the story forward and we're all having fun.


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