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Hello! I'm Lollo, I have loved D&D since I found out about it in 2020, I've instantly picked up the role of the DM! I'm based in Italy, I study languages and I'm really into Norse culture. My games are usually pre-written official adventures for 5e, perfect for new players but also suitable for experienced ones that haven't played a particular module. I adapt each player's character to the world we play in and insert key elements of their backstory in the campaign we play! I'm very open to alternative rules and custom player options too! I use Discord and Roll20 for my main tools, my games are played through voice and video while we use the virtual tabletop for maps and such. I do run my own games but I'm always open to offer my service to players who want to play a specific module! My table is all-inclusive, I prefer players who are comfortable with roleplaying light-hearted adventures while keeping some level of seriousness in how the story is presented. I'm not open to evil campaigns, I like players who want to create characters that stick together and cooperate against the Big Bad Evil Guy!

GM style

My usual campaign is set in the continent of Wildemount, a setting familiar to players who are also fans of Critical Role. I ensure to give new players enough information so that they know how the world works and can make characters accordingly, while adapting those backstories to the world and effectively make them part of it. I like a good spread of Combat, Exploration and Social encounters, one campaign might be more lenient towards either but I always try to compensate by adding some personal touches. I help players create their characters to a certain standard of power, so that they never feel frustrated by their choices.

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