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Logan Lebold

Less than a year on StartPlaying

18 games hosted

Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, World Builder

About me

I'm Logan, I've been DMing for more than five years! At my peak I was running three sessions per week between two different groups. If you like a game with a strong narrative, character depth, player-driven conflict, and a strong sprinkling of wacky voices and hijinx, my table may be a good fit for you. I have experience with players of all ages (yes, even the ones who haven't touched dice since the eighties), and prioritize player fun and comfort over everything else. Though I have a preference for fifth edition, I have the resources for other editions on hand if given enough time to prepare.

GM style

I love roleplay, character voices, and hard character choices. I run light combat and very few dungeon crawls, though ultimately I will prepare what the players are interested in. NPC creation is my favorite, and the world will always be filled with wacky colorful characters. I have a very "rules-as-they're-fun" approach. I am completely comfortable nixing any rules that aren't interesting for the game at hand and will never make players follow lists of rules that aren't fun. My goal is to give players enough information, autonomy, and comfort within the world to drive the story themselves. I don't hold any ego over what happens in the story, I prefer to enjoy it alongside the players. This style, however, requires a certain amount of commitment from the players to contribute to the plot and keep track of their own motivations and goals. What I expect from players is not any kind of knowledge of the game, rather an enthusiasm for character and story. I can handle the rules for new players. I have a very strong preference for homebrew and will work with players to make sure the world is fun and interesting for everyone.


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