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About me

I joined the hobby in 2019 just before the pandemic hit the U.S., so 95% of my experience is in virtual gaming! I started DM'ing a couple months into learning how to play, and I haven't looked back! I fell in love with DnD and I want nothing more than to play all the time! I love to make the PCs feel like legendary characters, whether heroic, villainous, or somewhere in between! I've spent the last three years building my world and filling it with NPCs, adventures, quests and plot hooks! If you want a world to discover and make a new mark on, the world of Kalimor is right for you!

GM style

I love roleplay and prefer a good story over long combat. I strive to bring a balance of RP and Combat to my games. I do have some optional homebrew rules. I prefer Rule of Cool within reason, and I rarely say "no" to a request. My priority as a GM is to help the entire table have fun in a safe environment.


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