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About me

HI! I have been DnDing and DMing for about 5 years now. When the DnD bug bit me, it bit hard. I love storytelling and role playing so much that I want to make it a profession. I do my best to be the best DM I can be, and I am constantly looking for ways to improve the craft. I love telling immersive stories with other players, weaving a tale together so that everyone at the table has a major impact on the overall story and final destination. I am He/Him and I refer to players by their character name and gender. i believe in inclusivity, and run games that are comfortable for everyone at the table to be a part of. I contact all of my players privately before starting a campaign to discuss any Red flags that they have or triggers that might make for an uncomfortable setting (I have some too) and then present a list to all players on day one of subject topics that are a Hard NO for anyone playing. I do like session zeros, these are short 30 min-1 hour chats between the DM and players prior to the start of a new campaign . Here we talk about the upcoming game, your character ideas, and the overall party dynamic. Roll play does not stop when combat starts. I like to keep a plot moving, there are a lot of rules and spells in DnD and I do not have them all memorized, nor do I expect you too. situations will arise in any game where the DM needs to make a ruling and move on. If I make a decision in game about the rules, it will stand for the remainder of that game session until I have had time out of game to fully review the specifics. At which point I will make a final ruling. New players are always welcome at my table, we all had to start somewhere.

GM style

My players tell me my games are about 50/50 combat and RP. I am in it for the RP, and I love getting into character as the various NPCs I play. I make attempts at voices, but I make no promises that they are any good. I think I am fairly laid back mostly and just enjoying putting a great game together.

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