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About me

Hi! Are you up for a fun game? I'm Lena, your quirky, online GM and I can't wait to meet your characters and see their story unfold! The games I offer are: ā˜•ļø Played in small, cosy groups of max. 4 šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ LGBTQ+ friendly šŸ“– Character-focused and roleplay-heavy šŸ”® Collaborative and open to players' creativity Check out available games or contact me for a custom one-shot or campaign! You can also join my Discord: šŸ˜Š Want to get to know me better before we start playing? šŸ˜Š Well, I'm 28, I'm a teacher and an amateur crocheter - but beyond all that, I'm a storyteller. I've started playing TTRPG in 2018 by kidnapping my friends' imagined pets. From there I've both run and played in plenty of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and one-shots. During the pandemic, I've also started to experiment with other systems and promptly fell in love with Year Zero Engine and Powered by the Apocalypse. Nowadays I manage a 1.5k+ Discord TTRPG server, write and publish one-shot scenarios and spend way too much on Kickstarter's shipping fees. You can also find me at Polish conventions, spreading the joy of Indie TTRPGs.

GM style

Book a game if: āœ”ļø you love roleplaying and collaborative storytelling āœ”ļø you're up for character development and characters' arcs āœ”ļø you love exploring new places, cultures and traditions āœ”ļø you want to play in a smaller group āœ”ļø you want a safe space to experiment with TTRPG āœ”ļø you don't have a good PC/laptop and you can only play by voice āœ”ļø you put Rule of Cool before RAW I don't allow: āŒ violations of safety tools and SPG's ToS āŒ aggressive or inflammatory behaviour āŒ murderhobo-ing, ruleslawyer-ing and meta-gaming I run: ā—‹ Dungeons & Dragons 5e ā—‹ Tales from the Loop / Things from the Flood (YZE) ā—‹ Hogwarts: An RPG (PbtA) ā—‹ Household ā—‹ Brindlewood Bay ā—‹ Arc: Doom ā—‹ Wanderhome Upcoming: ā—‹ The Walking Dead Universe RPG (YZE) ā—‹ Drama Llamas ā—‹ Between Clouds (YZE) ā—‹ Psychic Trash Detectives Tools I use: ā—‹ D&D Beyond ā—‹ ā—‹ Discord ā—‹ Safety tools: the X card, session zero, lines and veils, stars and wishes ā—‹ Theatre of the mind ā—‹ third party content

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