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Thomas (LegoMySuperego)
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Voices, Storytelling

About me

💥Salutations story-tellers, social-gamers, students, strategists and stay-at-home heroes!💥 You can call me Thomas, Tom or Lego since my online handle is *LegoMySuperego. (Champion for player agency!) 🎭 I am a TTRPG creator, teacher, actor, vocal coach and performer with a long history of making things more fun for everyone! -12+ years in STEM educational programs and summer camps -20+ years as a professional vocal and theatrical performer 🤗 Curated list of Tools for Inclusion (more details below) and a safe space for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and neurodiversity!

GM style

As your GM, I love rewarding creative thinking, collaborative risk-taking and emotional effort. I rule in the moment using Rule of Cool and Rules as Written but I will often post new rulings post-session in the community discord based on a balance of player feedback and my understanding of Rules as Intended. I want your heroes to feel powerful and effective as you grow and I will be your greatest ally in customizing them along the way with a curated list of thematic homebrew items, feats, companions and a whole new system of Inspiration points! You will be challenged with balanced encounters, collaborative worldbuilding, morally complex antagonists and cascading consequences of your decisions and backstory. D&D 5e games in my homebrew setting of Altaris are like a 'sandbox' used for a summer-camp sandcastle building competition, you can build almost anything and have a good time! This level of customization carries a higher price point but you will get to form parts of the world around your PC’s backstory and be part of some potential crossover one-shots with the other parties playing in my persistent world! (e.g. ½ party with ½ other party, like the Critical Role episodes in The Slayer’s Take) *Tools For Inclusion: -LGBTQ+ and BIPOC sensitivity consultants from my community of GMs and my partner. -post session writeups (to players, players’ legal guardian or both) -inspiration for positive behaviors -moderated support chat outside of session time Systems: -Foundry VTT for Homebrew and some Published Adventures -AboveVTT for groups that want to play with limited internet speed or low-end machines, official D&D Beyond adventures available. -Talespire (games starting in October once my computer is upgraded) -Other Homebrew:


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