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TTRPGs (Tabletop Roleplaying Games) are about fun, the people you share the table with, and creating a story which lives on in your imagination. TTRPGs have so much to offer in terms of character development, both in a fictional world and the real one. In a time when self isolation has become an immediate reality the ability to reconnect and share time, and experience points, is more valuable than ever. As a DM I offer a unique experience and make use of real world tools whenever possible to assist in immersion of gameplay. I have a large collection of adventures/campaign settings to choose from, and third party/WoTC sourcebooks to offer unique options for character development. Published Settings: Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Wildemount, Tal' Dorei, Ravnica, Theros, The Domains of Dread, Sandy Petersen's Cthulu Mythos for 5e and Spelljammer! Campaigns: Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Tales from the Yawning Portal, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, Curse of Strahd RevVamped, Out of the Abyss, Tomb of Annihilation, Storm King's Thunder and Tyranny of Dragons! Ask me about 7e Call of Cthulhu! Do you have your own/published adventure, setting, or system you want me to run? Inquire for more details! Please PM me for additional details about party size and pricing. Like or follow Lazy Dragon Loot on or Instagram for further updates. You might be asking yourself, why should I pay for a DM when I could ask my Goblin friend, Noblin, to do it? Great question! Well, if Noblin is usually DM he'll get the chance to play for once. All joking aside, the most important aspect of TTRPGs is player enjoyment. We have all been a victim to a roleplaying horror story, usually because of a vindictive DM or player, at some point. By paying for a professional DM you assure that the terms of gameplay are set for maximum enjoyment. No more arbitrary rules lawyering! No more dice stealing! No more relationship drama! No more scheduling conflicts! No more stealing snacks! If you want to make use of some insane third-party/home-brew monstrosity that your Goblin friend, Noblin, buried in a cursed chest... then this might just be the TTRPG experience for you! Wether it is a one shot for a birthday party or work event, a larger campaign you have always dreamed of playing out, or something else entirely, sign me up for any adventure!

GM style

I love a good story. There are lots of things that make a good story, but all the best stories have one thing in common: strong characters. Roleplay, combat, and exploration are all key pillars that should be used together to create a complete story. I am a fan of megadungeons, a good combat session, and a thought compelling, session spanning, world ending mystery. I like to constantly learn from my players, and stay open to new approaches and ideas when it comes to TTRPGs and telling a good story. But yes... I do have a silly Goblin voice.


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