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About me

I've been running RPGs since 2004, with the large majority of that happening between now and 2014. I got my start with World of Darkness, and now I run almost any game under the sun. I think my style is very player and character centric, even with premade campaigns, and open for a lot of collaboration to tell a good story. I do not run DND 5E. Nothing terribly against it, I just don't think it would be fair of me to charge money to DM a game I'm meh about.

GM style

- Roleplaying: I usually follow player cues. If you're doing voices, I'll usually do voices. If you're talking third person, I'll usually match that. - I enjoy tactical combat as much as I enjoy cinematic, narrative-driven combat. - Crunch. I enjoy crunch when it's actually done well. I like finding games that match my player's speed/taste for it. - I LOVE spotlighting characters. I often like just giving the reigns on worldbuilding away, too. This varies from table-to-table, so it's something I like to talk about at session 0.


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