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About me

Hey guys the name's Law's. I am the keeper of the game, the lore master, and your loving and ever humble Dungeon Master. I view Dungeons and Dragons, as well as all other TTRPG's, as a collaborative story telling experience. Together we will weave a tale of epic adventures and heart breaking losses. We will test your characters hearts, wits, and strengths as they explore the world we create together. About Me: I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about 5 years now and have been a DM for over 3 years. I am a screen writer, a script editor, and a DnD creator on Twitch. I love creating engaging stories with my players and challenging their abilities whilst crafting heartfelt moments. I enjoy running a really balanced game with a mixture of mechanics driven combat, heavy RP, and a mixture of puzzles or riddles. My personal goal is to create an environment where everyone at the table feels welcome and comfortable to play out their wildest fantasies within the world we create together. So grab your character sheets, your snacks, and something to take notes with...Adventurers: roll for initiative! **Please note: for long term campaigns and certain one shots I require my players to fill out the RPG Consent Form (Created by Monte Cook Games)! This is due to the mature content in the games. For more general information about consent in gaming you can find the a free PDF here from Monte Cook Games:

GM style

I would describe my GM style as being story driven, I want to create fun moments for you and your friends to remember while giving you a full and complete story within a session. I enjoy running a really balanced game with a mixture of mechanics driven combat, heavy RP, and a mixture of puzzles or riddles. I have experience running games that are 100% RP based and other games that are full on, "old fashioned" dungeon crawls that are wall to wall combat. I am fully prepared to modify my game style to the party's liking, when booking please just let me know if you have any preferences. **For full campaigns on request I offer 50% off the first session for a session zero! We will make characters together, talk about what we all want out of the campaign and have a great time getting hyped for you campaign!** On RP and Voices: I am sorry to disappoint but I cannot do voices. I try my best when inspiration strikes me, but I can make no promises. I tend to take a more "narrative" or description based approach to RP where I describe how the person moves or their facial expressions before saying what the character says. You can expect something like this from me: "Upon hearing your sarcastic tone, Sara, the barkeep, looks at you with one eyebrow raised. She can't believe someone spoke to her this way. Gently, she says: do not speak to me like this again. Remember you are in my tavern."


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