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I've been a DM for over 30 years starting my experience around second edition. I have also been a LARP (Live action role player) for almost as long. Through these mediums i have learned a great art of acting, improvisation and voices to suit a myriad of situations. I also tend to do a reasonable amount of 4th wall breaking comedy and consider myself an entertainer as much as a DM. I have also been a professional DM for the last 3 years and have a few groups under my belt. Despite my 30 years i think I've learned more in the last 3 than before hand. The homebrew game i run has been run by several groups, this has allowed me to refine the process and make a far better product for players to run through. So if all this sounds intriguing drop me a line.

GM style

I am an avid role player and enjoy sessions as such. Some sessions can become roleplay heavy to setup a story and game. I have many character voices i can do and play them often. All my combats can be avoided with clever usage of skills and/or roleplaying (and the dice being in your favour). This includes during a combat to end it quickly if, again, a cleaver group. My campaigns are open campaigns. If you want to go a direction I haven't thought of, I can improvise like no tomorrow.

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