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About me

One of the first RPGs I ever hosted as Dungeon Guide was I6: Ravenloft back 1988. I've been running games ever since, following the flow of DND releases and more than a few non-fantasy titles. I'm excited to share this experience you and your party. My table features: * Frequent rich role play opportunities * Challenging and engaging combats * Quality storytelling * A Dungeon Master with over 30 years experience * A collaborative and inclusive gaming table *Seamless online play without downloads or VTT learning curves * Respect as a player and collaborator When I run a game I like to focus on story, fun, and excitement as well as keeping my table fully inclusive to players of all backgrounds, experience and lifestyle. I blend premade maps with quick sketches and theater of the mind. For a sample of my DM style, you're welcome to drop by my twitch channel (Lantern Noir) or my YouTube channel (Lantern Noir Presents) and see the games that I have run live on line. I ask that all of my players recognize that we want to have a welcoming, positive, and safe table. To keep the game as accessible as possible I focus on easy to use tools, and supports such as DND Beyond and Owlbear Rodeo. These are blended via broadcast software into the Zoom call so you can dive right in on the action. I welcome new and old gamers to the table and am happy to teach gaming to newcomers as well as engaging the veterans.

GM style

I like a little of everything in my games. Some good social intrigue, some fun combat, then a bit of party RP to round out the session. I like to give the party interesting NPC's to interact with and provide each of them a clear "voice" in the game. In addition I use a variety of safety and check-in tools as a natural part of my table expectations. I want to know that everyone is having fun and that the only boundaries we push are the ones we want to be pushing. I prefer light hearted over grimdark, but a touch of seriousness over slapstick. Consider movies like the MCU films as one of my goals for action, adventure and humor rolled into one package. I also expect my players to focus on a positive experience for each other. No dice get rolled to resolve party conflict; we talk it out to keep the game going.


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