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About me

Well met, My name is Ross, I'm known as Lando_The_Archmagi on Twitter/Twitch/Discord and around the Internet. I'm an award winning Game Master of 4 decades of experience. I've GMed multiple RPG systems with D&D being my favorite system since 1st ed AD&D. I have playtest experience with several companies and have over 3 decades of online gaming experience. I run games via my personal Discord and other RPG Discord servers and Roll20 where I'm a Pro user/subscriber. I've also begun using Foundry VTT for some TTRPGs since 2021. I've run games for Dragon*Con, Extra Life, Virtual Greyhawk Con, RPG Alliance Con, Gary Con 2023 and other events/conventions.

GM style

I enjoy roleplay, storytelling and tactical combat. I'm not great with voices always, but I do try at times. I do enjoy diversity in gaming.


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