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About me

Hello there! I'm Anya, she/her, and I'm an American expat living in Germany. I have 22 years of acting experience and have been playing a variety of TTRPGs for 13 years, and have been a GM for the last 3 years. While English is my native language, I am also fluent in French and (mostly) fluent in German. I regularly guest on streamed Actual Plays on Twitch, from Hoard of Tales to ManaPot Studios to Live from the Apocalypse and more! While D&D 5e is certainly a staple, I adore exploring the less common/popular TTRPGs, and got my start in the Serenity RPG back in college. I'm also a Copper Bestseller on DMs Guild with my 5e module "The Curse of Fate," and my second 5e module, "Mystery at the Starlight Festival," is now out! Perfect for a cozy winter-themed one-shot or to be inserted into an ongoing campaign. I look forward to playing with you. šŸ„°

GM style

šŸ¤— A safe and welcoming table for LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and folks with disabilities. We use safety tools including Lines & Veils and the X Card without hesitation at my tables. šŸŽ­ Fully fleshed-out NPCs and role-playing drawn from my experience in theatre. āš”ļø Combat with a variety of humanoids and monsters alike, with a purpose behind those combat scenarios beyond just "let's kill the beasts!" (Although it is certainly warranted at times, it isn't always the main focus of every combat!) šŸ—ŗ Beautiful maps for both combat and social interaction. šŸ’• Patience and extra time spent with new players to get you into the meat of the game and having fun with it! šŸŒˆ Above all, the games we play are a collaborative story, and everyone at the table is a part of that experience.


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