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About me

I've been running and playing over a dozen different types of TTRPGs(Table Top Roleplaying Games) for over twenty years. Mostly it has been Rifts and World of Darkness(Werewolf and Vampire), however I started out playing 2nd Edition all those years ago and have always come back to D&D and fell in love with 5th edition. I'm a roleplayer through and through. Love getting into characters and developing stories. This World of Eryn has been a project of mine for well over 8 months and have already run 2 campaigns in this world. A little more personal information about me, I'm a 37 year old Husband and father to one daughter and live in Finland, though I'm an expat from the good old USA. I've lived here for over six years now and simply love it. I'm a nerd through and through and generally a really nice guy and someone that's easy to talk to and get to know.

GM style

As a GM I love to improvise and go with the flow. I love to take what my players are doing and just run with it. That being said I do have things planned out just in case they go in certain directions. While I'm not the best at voices, I do try and create interesting NPCs and memorable scenes. I love to roleplay and bring out great roleplay in others. I will do my best to enable you to experience whatever it is that makes D&D fun for you. I'm not here to be an audio book, I'm here to be an interactive element in bringing your characters to life for your enjoyment. As a DM, I'm fully committed to improving and expanding on my ability to tell your story. This includes having my own homebrew world with a mix of things from cannon D&D. An open and dynamic world that responds to your actions, but will have handy rail road tracks should you want to hop on the fast train to some meaty missions. Responsive and available. Should you need to go over your character, seek advice, or discuss backstory, I am available to chat to all my players. An RP, character development, and story driven style. I like to focus on bringing your player to life within the story, which means focusing on elements personal to you and your party. I will always be working on custom events for our game tailored to individual backstory. Combat and the other elements that make D&D great will feature in our games too of course. I will constantly tweak and adapt a story to what I feel is the best method of storytelling for your unique characters, and my DM style. Theatrics, Atmospherics, and passion. I'm no actor / voice actor, however that doesn't stop me from trying to bring the world you inhabit to life for your playing pleasure!


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