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About me

Oh hey! I'm Kylee, but you can call be Kygrr. I started playing D&D in 2019 in a campaign (still going, only one TPK so far...). I started hosting whacky one-shots in 2020 when Covid was stressing everyone out. My one-shots are designed to be fun, quirky and just a way to have some good ol' fashion boozy fun. Alcohol encouraged, not required. I do my best with following the rules of 5e but sometimes it's just a little loosey goosey, Perfect time to bring that hilarious character you've built but would never introduce into a serious campaign.

GM style

My main goal is for people to just relax, have fun and enjoy this amazing game. I don't take it over the top serious, you probably know the rules better than me; but that's alright!

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