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About me

Hi, I'm Kuzco. I've been playing RPGs for twenty years now, with half of that as a GM through multiple campaigns. I've always found RPGs to be the perfect mixture of being a writer and a reader, a participant and spectator, creator and creation. Hailing from Latin America, I'm a history major and a published writer, world traveller and fluent in english and spanish. I love board games, audiobooks, running, hiking, camping, and coffee. I've a lot of ideas and desire to tell and participate in stories, but over time, fewer friends able to participate. It's time to change that. Let's build a great story together, and have a good time.

GM style

I'm a published fiction writer, so effective descriptions are something I specialize in. While I won't go overboard with how an inn looks like, expect a brush stroke about the old inkeeper's pox marks, the dull glow of lard candles, and the wench's patched gown. I tend towards the grittier, while staying well inside the comfortable and enjoyable. My campaigns tend to involve mud, rain, doubts, and hard choices. I tend to go for the lower spectrum of fantasy, but I can toe the line happily. I'll never aim for player character death, and I'll do my best to avoid it within reason, but I won't rule it out if the situation truly demands it (such as if you pilot your starship to try to ram the sun or you surrender to a pack of hungry wyverns). I also like to use enough images, music and sound effects to bring some good immersion.

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