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About me

Hey! I'm Kris. I've been playing TTRPGs for 8 years and DMing for 6. I'm a big fan of both fantasy and sci-fi. When I was younger, I got super interested in Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda, and my tastes in media have developed since then to include a lot of sci-fi/ fantasy. The Witcher, Berserk, Mass Effect, Halo, Metroid, and many more. I played a lot of MMORPGS, and when I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons, I loved the idea immediately, and came to love the game and the collaborative storytelling experience it entails. Since then, I've played DnD, Monster of the Week, Cyberpunk 2020 and Red, and SW5e. and have also run each of the games. It's been my hobby for a while, and I'd like to start sharing that hobby with more people and getting to run games more often. I really hope to hear from you!

GM style

I'm pretty versatile when it comes to TTRPGs. I really enjoy rp and exploration, and generally let the players lead the game in the direction they want to go. That being said, I'm not afraid to put sufficeient obstacles and challenges to be tackled, and that can lead to 1-3 major combats in a usual session (though there can be more or even fewer depending on the current needs of the story and of course the vibe of the table).

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