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About me

I'm a game designer, lore nerd, inclusive storyteller that loves creating fun, epic tales told with friends. I live stream on the Tales of Initiative network and I've written content for multiple systems, availably at Day 20 dot org. I'm a rules nerd and will always strive to run a fair-but-fun Rules As Written game. Of course I also know the Rule of Cool can make for extraordinary moments where appropriate, so don't be afraid to ask for some improvised awesomeness!

GM style

I love doing voices, interacting with player backstories, and making the crunchy parts of a system feel fun & intuitive for everyone. I'm happy to focus on the rules so that my players can focus on telling an amazing story. I tailor challenges to the party; not to counter you, but to accentuate your goals, builds, and choices. The villains won't pull punches, but I also won't put you in a situation I don't think you can handle. You're the heroes of this story, and I want you to feel that way. I will emphasize whatever works best for the system we're playing. My D&D games will feature crunchy tactical combat, dangerous dungeons, and feats of heroism. My Thirsty Sword Lesbians games will feature angst, drama, and plenty of chances for you to make (disastrous) choices. CY_BORG will feel like a gritty, brutal existence in a capitalist hellscape - in a fun way! :D I enjoy world building as a group. When you describe an NPC or a place that your character knows, that's a signal to me that you want to tell a story about that person, place, or the ideals they represent. I want the world to feel both fantastical and lived-in. Most of all, I want you to feel empowered to define the world, both in the backstory of your characters and in how their actions might drive the world to change.


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