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James Tanner Echols

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About me

"Getting a degree in theatre will amount to nothing," exclaimed every reputable source in my life. "But look at me now!" I rebut, confident in my response, as I sit in a rolling-chair with "Thinking Chair" and "DO NOT DISTURB!" scrawled on the back. I continue to make funny voices into a microphone for the entertainment of others, feeling assured in my decisions. As an award winning playwright and dramaturg, the art of storytelling is...still a mystery, but I've got a few solid theories! And being a game master is as simple as can be when you see your players as pieces in the grand chess game that is your narrative vision. Luckily for my players, I don't see it that way, so running games is very hard. But the challenge of weaving a satisfying and engaging story for every player is what makes this job fun! I like to describe Dungeons & Dragons (and similar systems) as collaborative storytelling because my grandest schemes cannot come to fruition without the brilliance and creativity of great players. These players are also the best at foiling the aforementioned grand schemes. Such is GMing, such is life. If you are in the market for an up-and-coming GM who will give you a unique game experience, request a game or reserve a seat! I look forward to making memories with you. LBGTQ+, BIPOC, neurodivergent, and everything else friendly. As long as you're ready to play a character faithfully and roll dice, I'd like to see you at the table.

GM style

I am a trained actor and storyteller, so expect a performance and a grand tale! I have a knack and a habit of connecting plotlines and group bits into cacophonic finales, so look forward to that. Tactical combat is not my strongest suit, and I embrace failure as a storytelling tool, so don't hide those nat ones! I've custom built two entire campaigns, and I'd be happy to do so for your characters, as well.


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