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About me

I’ve personally been a DM for a little over two years as of now. But I have been playing the game for four years. I usually run modules as I personally find them easier to do and help not just me, but also my players get into the world they aren’t just participating in but characters actively live in. Whether that person has been playing for a decade or is just learning the game. So far, the modules I’ve run that I can think of are Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon, Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat, Out of the Abyss, Light of Xaryxis, and The Wild Beyond Witchlight. I've also played in Fallout RPG, played/DMed Darksouls RPG, and am learning to play Warhammer: Age of Sigma Soulbound. Feel free to message me on discord at any time.

GM style

Personally, I value a 40/60 split between. Slightly more combat heavy type of style. But always enjoy the buildup to fighting a big bad or an adversary that's been looming over the party. To having encounters with weaker foes to show progress with the parties growing power or to show what was once a hard challenge is now nothing more than a slight road bump. Because still at the essence of the game is that roleplaying mechanic. I am no voice actor, but always try my best to flesh out NPCs even a little, whether they be once time use like a shop keep. Loving NPCs that come for the return already having some prior discussions with the party.

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