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About me

Oh, hello there! I see that you're looking for an adventure. You'll need a guide of course, and I'd be happy to show you the way! I'm Daniel, and I've been running all manner of roleplaying games for new and experienced players for over 5 years now. After starting with D&D 5e, I've explored many other ttrpgs and am eager to run any that I can get my hands on. I've introduced many folks to new ttrpg systems over the years, and have experience with guiding new players through these systems. I also have a passion for stories, and I believe that the atmosphere and mechanics of a game can greatly contribute to the story being told. This combination of system experience and passion for narrative creates a flexibility to craft the perfect game just for you! My table is LGBTQIA+ friendly, beginner friendly, and just plain friendly. All are welcome no matter who you are and no matter your level of experience!

GM style

The primary goal of every one of my sessions has been: Have fun Whether that "fun" looks like a swashbuckling adventure on high fantasy seas, a noir style investigation through the streets of a steampunk megalopolis, a classic swords and sorcery quest to defeat a dark lord, a high noon standoff in a weird-western (literal) ghost town, a horrific crawl through an alien spacecraft inhabited by cosmic horrors, or anything in between, that's what we're all ultimately here for. I ensure that each of my sessions caters to what the players want to experience, and I pride myself on my flexibility and improvisation skills. - Are you focused on telling a good story and crafting a narrative? Let's start a campaign in a setting that really highlights the story we want to tell. - Do you enjoy solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries? Let's investigate deep dungeons and occult mysteries in a mystery-per-night, episodic series reminiscent of your favorite TV show. - Want to make sure there's plenty of chances to display your combat prowess? Let's play an arcade style rogue-lite game where heads will roll! - Maybe you just want to finally get a D&D character from level 1 to level 20? We'll make it happen!

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