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KJ Addams

2 years on StartPlaying

77 games hosted

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Inclusive

About me

Discovering roleplaying games as a preteen was like being struck by lightning - this, I knew, was My Thing. Twenty years of experiences later, through many different systems, styles and genres, I'm still hugely passionate about RPGs, and since starting on paid GMing in 2020, I've been spending lots of time preparing and running the best games I can. I always have theme and story structure on my mind, and I’m always looking to bring them together with engaging game mechanics. As the kind of person who’s always jumping between various interests, I’m constantly processing everything for inspiration, be it novels, games, history, philosophy or the natural world. The moment those inspirations come together with the minds of the players and a new story is born - that's where the magic happens. Most importantly, though, I just really, really love roleplaying games. The collaborative stories, the characters growing and changing in them, the worlds, the mechanics, the constant storm of bouncing ideas and creativity, the theory behind them, everything. After all these years I'm still unspeakably stoked every time I sit down for a session. My goal is for that excitement to be infectious, and I always bring plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

GM style

My #1 role is as a fan of the player characters. What makes the PCs tick? What will happen when they are tested? How can my adventures, NPCs or antagonists help bring out what the players find most compelling about the characters? All the action and exploration is there so that these fictional people can come alive, thrive through adversity, and make their mark on the world. Accordingly, I make sure the spotlight is shared evenly and always think about how to bring out player creativity and roleplaying opportunities. I work to make sure the imaginary world we share has its own social dynamics and politics, and that the NPCs you meet feel real, with distinct personalities and beliefs - even when alien and fantastical. I may not be a trained voice actor, but NPC voices are *fun*, so I do them anyway. Scenery will be chewed. Cringe is the death of fun and it has no place at my table. In terms of combat and action, expect well-prepared and varied combat encounters, with interesting mechanics and custom-built adversaries to deliver both tactical challenge and a strong theme. I make full use of the VTT to automate the bookkeeping and make sure it’s the fast-paced and exciting experience it’s meant to be. Though my campaigns can often feature difficult choices and moral shades of grey, it’s always still an escapist fantasy that we indulge in a friendly, welcoming, inclusive and comfortable atmosphere with plenty of room for laughter. I believe the metaphorical DM screen shouldn't be a wall, and I am right there with you at the table as a co-participant in our adventure. ZERO-AI POLICY: I do not use generative "AI" to help with writing, images, or anything else. I support creators, and all content I use is crafted by myself or by other humans (whether available for free, purchased, or supported by Patreon).

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