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John W.

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About me

Player pause as you scroll by, As you search now, so once did I. But fun I found, and so could thee. Grab a seat and game with me! Hi, my name is John and I want to be your DM! WHAT I BRING: Decades of experience running role playing games. The full compendium of official WOTC material and additional 3rd party materials. Pro level upgrades on the roll20 VTT. A pro-player, narrative based style that is entertaining for beginners and experienced players alike.

GM style

I’ve been playing/running TTRPG games since I stumbled across the old D&D basic red box set in a toy store. Fascinated with the world of brave warriors, powerful wizards, and fearsome monsters, I fell in love with fantasy tabletop gaming and ran games for friends and family through multiple editions of D&D along with other roleplaying games. As I got older, I moved away from TTRPGs, but during Covid I stumbled on 5th Edition online and saw a fun way to keep in touch with family. Those sessions rekindled my love for D&D, and I’ve been playing 5e weekly ever since. I like role-playing games as collaborative storytelling, so I particularly enjoy story driven campaigns and role-play. This doesn’t mean my games are combat light, it means I work to keep combat from becoming uninteresting math slogs. The dice keep things random, but I thrive on table talk, off the wall ideas, and everyone participating in shaping a shared narrative. My favorite part of TTRPGs is getting to see the diverse and creative ways players come up with to overcome the challenges placed in front of them. I see my role as that of the narrator, describing what happens based on the story framework, dice rolls, and character actions. I am a “pro-player” DM rather than an adversarial one and follow the “Rule of Cool” unless something is not allowed by the rules. If it sounds cool and isn’t expressly prohibited, let’s figure it out. Finally, I am a laid-back, easy-going person. I am a LGBTQ ally. All are welcome at my table. I have zero tolerance for racism, bigotry, misogyny, or personal attacks on other players. We are all adults gathering to enjoy a couple of hours of fantasy gaming, so I can’t imagine this will be a problem. I look forward to meeting you.

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