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Kenzie the Hahn
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About me

Dungeons. Dragons. Dramatic pauses for effect. What up nerds and welcome to my page, you can find links to some of my (older) work as a GM in the links below. ABOUT THE GM I was born to parents somewhere before the turn of the century, and it would only be a few short years before they discovered what they had created: a nerd. What began as a lone Pokemon game played on ye olde blue and yellow, Pikachu-themed Nintendo 64 would exponentially grow into what you see before you today - a media-obsessed goblin learning to get by in an adult, human world. This spiral would very much include the old D&D 3.5 edition which, now that I have read the rules for as an adult, I can now say we did not follow the rules for in the slightest. Now I make my means writing and GM for folk like you and I love every minute of what I do. EXPERIENCE & HISTORY Though its nothing that puts mean in Twitch's major leagues, I've been involved in a number of streaming projects, most notably were isFriday's Thrones and Bones: Norrongard and GM for Kobold Press's Empire of the Ghouls campaign a few years back. In terms of my games, I can say that I am a hardcore SIMP for stage acting and have attended a number of classes and workshops for stage and voice acting from places like Seattle all the way to West End (you got me, I'm a theatre nerd). And while I like to think that experience shows itself in my games, I've also: - lovingly designed and curated hundreds of ambient, exploration, combat, and narrative-themed playlists and albums for players to enjoy for over 60 hours and suited for any scenario you can throw at me -carefully and painstakingly selected maps (both animated and still) to provide the coolest possible places to do battle in; additionally I will share links to resources with players on request if they ever feel like starting on their GM journey -honed a specific playstyle primarily centered on rewarding creative gameplay and inspired roleplay -poured hours of writing, building, editing, and number crunching into creating new, unique experiences for every party to enjoy, even for the modules I run If you can't reach me here, feel free to send me a message on Discord.

GM style

I prefer to run games that are truly a collaborative storytelling effort, all the way from character creation until the end of the campaign (should your character reach it). I believe that every session is a give and take between the GM and players: what each person puts into the narrative is what they recieve from it. In order to achieve the goal of creating a space where people feel free to explore the narrative, I place a high emphasis on player consent, agency, and safety above all else and will not tolerate any disregard for that in my channel, my games, nor any space I have cultivated. Before players can step foot into this vast world, they need to be assured that everyone at the table is making decisions and engaging with the story in a way that is respectful to all present. Beyond that, I don't enjoy restricting the narrative and enjoy running my games with a sort of "sandbox" feel. I will adapt the story to whatever decisions the party makes, provided that they're able to see the plan through. You can expect a lot of roleplay in between "combat sessions," which are typically built to after 5-8 sessions of roleplay, with some minor encounters here and there that are more narratively driven than given for pure tactics sake. Rule of Cool will usually outweigh the Rule as Written, with a few exceptions (mostly I veto things that are cool in theory but are a headache trying to perform in the parameters of the game). I 100% create backstory-based questlines for players, so I do ask that some thought be put into backstory during character creation. If there is no backstory or a backstory with no details, then I cannot provide a questline for that character. Overall, I prefer to run games wherein the players are the driving force of the narrative, making decisions their characters would make in even the most seemingly mundane of circumstances. There is nothing I love more than building a world for players to, above all else, simply explore. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk 📺


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