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For 6+ years I've been teaching High School Theater, Public Speaking, & running a D&D Club, as such I am happy to have new players. During 2020 lockdowns I started running games professionally on Roll20 and have had a blast running epic adventures online. Prefer to run 5e D&D with homebrew tweaks, discussed with players in a Session Zero. Games held on Roll20 VTT, Discord Voice and Video (per player preference). Socials... Discord: yipsi YouTube: KD&D TikTok: @kale_kdnd

GM style

I like to run an even balance of roleplay, combat, and exploration. Roleplay, to me, is less about character voices, and more about meaningful choices and interactions with the world. I do use my theater background to give characters voices and distinct mannerisms, but that is not the most important thing to me - and I don't expect my players to "do a voice" if they're not comfortable with that. Combat is fun! It should mean something narratively and be challenging. I don't throw random encounters at players just because a table said so. I fine-tune my encounter charts to be relevant to PC backstory & what's happening so far in the narrative so things never feel like a slog. I do like to add some homebrew to my monsters to make things feel epic, challenging, and fresh. We would discuss specifics in a Session Zero. Exploration, the oft-forgotten third pillar of TTRPGs, should be fun. I enjoy running skill challenges during overland travel to keep things engaging. In my games, curious players are often rewarded with loot and lore! With all that said, I've been told that I run a "lighthearted game with moments of darkness." I think the "fourth pillar" of TTRPGs are Shennanigans at the table (VTT). TTRPGs, to me, are about creative problem solving with friends, in-jokes that develop over time, and the dice deciding a fun narrative.

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