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I have been DMing for about seven years now and run primarily homebrew adventures in homebrew worlds. My goals for the campaigns I run involve creating intricate settings filled with dynamic characters, factions, and plot threads and allow the players to explore them as they see fit. I prefer to play by the rule of cool and let players get creative with their characters and their choices. I want my games to be both fun and intriguing, and always cater to an individual party's interests.

GM style

What To Expect: - A fully developed homebrew world that players can alter and influence - Personal player plotlines - Opportunity for homebrew races and classes - Encounters with a variety of possible resolutions and freedom for creative problem solving - An overarching plot that weaves in player backstories - A wide variety of NPCs to love and hate - Lots of roleplay - Open-mindedness and prioritization of storytelling and fun I like to balance roleplay and combat in my campaigns, and I like to incorporate combat that makes sense given the plot and the choices of the characters. If players wish to resolve situations without combat, I'm all for it. I personally love roleplay, and I like to reward roleplay with in-game things like special items and events. My NPCs tend to have their own motivations and backstories that tie into the overarching plot, and I use various factions and groups that parties can choose to undermine or ally themselves with. I also use puzzles and problem solving. Not every encounter has to be resolved through brute force. I like allowing players space to come up with clever plans and work their way through situations however they see fit.

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