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About me

I am an experienced Game Master, and amateur Vtuber. I have experience in a dozen systems, and am interested in running games both streamed and private. Presently, I am engaged in running several D&D 5e games which all take place in a singular world, in which crossovers are possible and likely. If you play in one of my 5e campaigns, there is a possibility you will be invited to play your character as a guest character in other groups campaigns. I will run other systems as well, when the fancy strikes. I am a huge fan of GURPS, Dungeon World, Fate, and enjoy Savage Worlds, Edge of the Empire, Legends of the Five Rings, and a variety of other PbtA systems as well.

GM style

I have run many different styles of games. I've done gritty hex crawls where tracking food, water, and supplies is vital for survival, and bad planning could wipe a party. I've done games of heroic adventure where the PCs are larger than life. And I've done plenty in between. Presently, I have been running games with a heavy emphasis on tactical combat. I design all my "boss encounters" as custom monsters with mechanics the Players must learn to understand and manage in order to achieve victory.


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