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Kaybe Angel

2 years on StartPlaying


390 games hosted


Highly rated for: Sets the Mood, Creativity, Teacher


Average response time: Under 1 hour


Response rate: 100%

About me

I am an experienced Game Master, and amateur Vtuber. I have experience in a dozen systems, and am interested in running games both streamed and private. I have just finished a multi-year experiment in which I ran more than half a dozen D&D 5e campaigns in a shared world with many crossovers and some special events. It was a very amazing experience, and the created a rich homebrew setting to play in. My future D&D 5e campaigns, will continue to use this setting, but I am stepping away from the focus on inter-connectivity going forward. Each will be more standalone. I run other systems as well, when the fancy strikes. I am a huge fan of GURPS, Dungeon World, Fate, and enjoy Savage Worlds, Edge of the Empire, Legends of the Five Rings, and a variety of other PbtA systems as well, and am looking to try Pathfinder 2e, and more ORS style systems, like Dungeon Crawl Classics, and Old-School Essentials

GM style

I have run many different styles of games. I've done gritty hex crawls where tracking food, water, and supplies is vital for survival, and bad planning could wipe a party. I've done games of heroic adventure where the PCs are larger than life. And I've done plenty in between. For my D&D5e games, I have been running games with a heavy emphasis on tactical combat. I design all my "boss encounters" as custom monsters with mechanics the Players must learn to understand and manage in order to achieve victory. My GURPS games tend towards the cinematic side, with optional rules to enable larger than life characters, unless stated otherwise in the game description.


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