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About me

Greetings Adventurers! Hail and well met! Welcome to my lair. My name is Katrin. I have been playing TTRPGs since I got the Basic Box Set of D&D ... umm... decades ago. I also played Cyberpunk soon after. Once I started running games. It was, without question, the most crazy decision I've ever made, and it changed my life forever. Helping groups of friends tell amazing stories about high adventure has been the pleasure of a lifetime. I have created campaigns and run games in many TTRPGs and I am willing to develop a game around a group, my role as a DM is to provide the best possible experience to everyone at the table. I've achieved a balance between playing the game by the book while also allowing for fun "outside the rules" shenanigans. I believe in a well thought out, detailed world where players can solve issues in a variety of ways. I run multiple systems and games throughout the week. I enjoy both running long-term campaigns and helping newcomers feel welcome and get up to speed. Even when I run a pre-written adventure, I homebrew, and improvise to make the player's experience unique and personalized. This way you, the player, drives the narrative. Escapism brings folks from all walks of life together, and there is no better way to tune this world out than by diving into a different one. Thank you for your time and as always everyone, good gaming! I hope to see you at my table!

GM style

My style has a wide range of variance. I can, and do, shift from deep role-play to a pure combat dungeon crawl. I often make and use maps, create handouts and put a lot of time into my games. I tend to to run serious games but find plenty of time for laughter and fun. My 5e D&D games are mostly RAW,, my 2e AD&D games are about 1/3 homebrewed, and my CyberPunk 2020 games are RAW . I love storytelling and worldbuilding. I'm very flexible with roleplaying, willing to get into the weeds, or just wing it depending on player style. I'll do few voices, but I don't get crazy, nor do I care if others do or do not use them. Tactical combat is fun, but sometimes theater of the mind sets a better scene. We can discuss homebrew rules in session zero. I am practiced at balancing RP and combat. I love creating amusing NPCs and surprising scenarios. I am flexible in the sense that what happens in the game should make sense and be entertaining. I have the ability to adapt to whatever action the PCs choose to take, but beware. Your actions have consequences. The games start off easy. Monsters will be played as intended, and death is always a possibility. My D&D games will be largely rules a written with a few exceptions. These exceptions will be written out and posted for all players to have access to. Some cultures may not be as the players expect. For Player Characters (PCs) who have knowledge of those cultures, documents will be provided. I allow a fair amount of narrative authority, but some things are set , such as the deities and racial cultures of the world. Player’s may invent a deity that their character believes in, but there will be no power from said deity unless the Player has worked it out with me (including cleric spells). In order for me o be able to fully integrate backstories into the story I do ask that you be willing to answer GM questions about your backstories in detail. Experience will be granted at the start of the session after it was earned. XP is granted for RP as well as finishing a quest, collected treasure and encounters completed. I do not award killing blow XP to a single PC, but divide XP amongst all who participated in the encounter. All further details will be discussed in session zero. I do have a list of races and classes/subclasses that I do not usually allow that can be found on the D&D beyond page linked to each game.

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