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About me

When I discovered roleplaying, the shared story creation amazed me. I was there in the story myself, changing the outcome. Anything was possible on a die roll. What I had not expected was the amount of fun a group of like-minded players could have together. My goal is to create the same sense of wonder and excitement I experienced when I first started exploring fictional worlds. I want you to enjoy learning about my world, interacting with the characters in it, and saving the day together.

GM style

Combat, exploration, and roleplay. The three pillars of gaming. I provide situations that use these pillars to enhance your adventure with your party. You will be part of an expansive setting with a long and detailed history. NPCs will help or hinder you. Getting unique items and equipment will advance your cause. You will have plenty of motivation to get the job done. How you achieve your goals is up to you. Please be aware my time zone is ACDT (UTC +10:30). If I don't respond to your DMs, I might be sleeping! Review Comments "Whether a raw beginner or an experienced player, I can wholeheartedly recommend Kasandrah to you." Jenny "Using a story-driven style, she can on occasion bring the beads of sweat to the foreheads of a high-level party if they get too uppity." Craig "The types of players that will enjoy this DM are definitely the ones who are into world-building, storytelling and roleplay." Jolij "She's expanded existing worlds and campaigns to be more a place you are than a place you read and helped her players find and develop their character concepts." Pirate "I loved the characters and the world she had created for us." Clegg "Terrific GM, wonderfully patient for new players, spins a story in a rich world (Mystara) full of history and makes great use of lore." Corey "As someone relatively new to DnD, really appreciated Kasandrah's patience to help me figure things out as we progressed throughout the session." Soup "Her game was a delight, I highly recommend new players to give her a try." Todd "A great GM and a fun session! She came fully prepared, had a great handle on the game, and kept the game moving and interesting." Melody "Great work, fun DM." Nafees "Just from this One Shot, I believe this GM has high skill in Campaigns, so I do suggest signing up for one if you get the chance." Electrorocket "There was an inclusive feel within the group although we have never played a game together." Mario


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