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My name is miguel I've been DMing for 2 years now i'm not good at doing voices but i do try also i have a voice changer just inn case for extra immersion lol. My style of DMing is odd i like combat but i also like when my plyers find a way out of it if its for there Wittiness or strategy. The better the RPing the better the persuasion deception check will be. The players can add thing to the story as improvisational I.e city's people they might know world Belding to an extent this is our story not just mine. (if the table is having a fun time than I'm doing my job)

GM style

Hallo my name is Miguel I've been DMin g for a 2 year My dm style is odd for example. Combat: I don't use spell's Components and i do allow my players make some free be actions if it seems right im a big fan of turn based games so combat is always fun for me. But can be avoided with Wittiness or strategy. Rping the better the rp the better the rolls i like it when the players also improv and put there own world building to the game to a certain extent this is our world not just mine.


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