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About me

Hey all! I'm a DM/GM starting my professional career teaching new players the ropes and letting them and veterans have fun alike. I've played ttrpgs for over a Decade and I want to share that joy I've experienced with others! 😊 TTRPGs aren't just roll the dice and see what happens to me. It's about those special moments we share around the table, laughing, crying, fighting, and giving it our all to take down the big bad and win the day! I absolutely love rpgs because it allows me to live a life separate my own. To see things from new perspectives and challenge foes greater than myself.

GM style

I really love environmental storytelling both in and out of combat, large sweeping landscapes, climatic mountain top or underwater battles, even going through portals!! 😁😁 I'm working on my voice acting skills however I am fairly proficient in a few accents and distinct voices. My greatest desire is to bring your wishes as a player character to life. Give agency back to the players and say "Absolutely you can do that!" If you want to homebrew stuff, I want to do it with you. If you want to punch the moon, I ain't gonna stop you! You wanna try and tame that mimic? (Not smart) but you can TRY if you want. You set the goals, desires, fears, flaws It was and always should have been your choice. Choose right adventurers 😁

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