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About me

Ah, Adventurers! I'm so glad you made it! Please take a seat as we have much to discuss. (Speaking in a hushed tone) What I am about to tell you cost the lives of many of my brethren. It is no small matter and will surely shake the very foundations of Faruen if not the Cosmos itself. Now listen carefully... The first time I picked up a character sheet I couldn't have been more than four years old. After watching my father play with his friends I asked if I could play to which he responded, "when you're older". When I was about nine I asked him if I was old enough to play the paper game with dice. Shocked that I remembered our previous conversation, he set about creating a world for me to play in. In truth, we never used it but it didn't matter. I fell in love with the process of creating a place for people to enjoy. It's been almost thirty years since that fateful day watching my dad enjoy a game with some close friends and still my mind is never far from creating a new world for others to enjoy. I hope that you'll join me at the table so we can create a tale that will stand the testament of time. Adventure awaits my unseen friend, I'll be here when you're ready.

GM style

The most sacred task a GM must carry out is to insure that everyone at the table is having a good experience. My preferred way of doing this is by working to engage everyone in the narrative we are collectively weaving. I strive to create a rustic TTRPG experience using a healthy mix of terrible character voices for roleplaying, cunning tactics for combat, and elaborate oral descriptions of the world. Really the best way to see what I mean is to join one of my games. I look forward to seeing you there, my unseen friend.

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