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This professional actor, award winning fantasy writer, and gaming fanatic is here to serve your D&D desires! Welcome to the virtual table! Whether you're a new player looking to get your adventure started in a comfortable environment, or a veteran looking for a consistent game, I'm here to help. Hey! My name is Julian, a veteran DM specializing in homebrew adventures and getting new players into the game. A little more about me: I first started playing on the Not Your Heroes podcast many years ago, and started running games of my own soon after. Today you can find me playing on The Free Forge TTRPG network and running games on my Twitch Affiliate channel (JuliCiel). I stay involved with the D&D community on an almost daily basis. In the past five years I have run both long campaigns for players to tell a full epic story, and dozens of different one-off sessions to get new players into the game. As an actor, writer, and improviser by trade and degree, my games bring energy, unpredictability, humor, political intrigue, and A LOT of different voices. Myself aside, you as the players are the stars. I may build the world for you to adventure in. But you make the decisions, you take the reigns of the story, and you change the world. Rules for the Players at the Table: I pride myself on running a safe space for D&D veterans and new players to coexist and adventure together. -Hate speech towards other players or real world minority groups will not be tolerated. -Constantly interrupting or talking over other players will be called out. -Players will not be condescending towards one another for lack of knowledge of the game. Help each other without judgment. -Players control their character only, and do not make decisions for other party members or the party itself, unless the other players agree to it. -Purposefully making other players uncomfortable will not be tolerated. If you are making others uncomfortable and not aware of it, you will be asked to change your behavior or leave. -If requested by the players, the games can avoid touchy subjects such as animal abuse, torture, etc. Regardless, depiction of sexual assault will never be brought to the table by the DM, and not be permitted for the players to depict. Violating these rules may result in expulsion from the game. With all that said: Let’s get rolling!

GM style

My specialty is introducing new to Dungeons & Dragons, and telling open sandbox stories where your decisions and actions can change the narrative in a living world. I prefer to homebrew, and write the story session by session. As an actor, writer, and improviser by trade and degree, my games bring energy, unpredictability, humor, political intrigue, and A LOT of different voices.

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