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I had an interest in fantasy and storytelling ever since seeing The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) as a child. The scene of the cyclops emerging from the cave and chasing the sailors across the beach, only to be thwarted by the magic of a sorcerer and a magic lamp left an impression on me that I will never forget. Ever since then, I wanted to be a storyteller. I have been a TTRPG player for 5 years and a game master for nearly as long. Longer if you counted hosting board game nights with friends! Tabletop RPGs are the ultimate combination between two things I love the most: storytelling and gaming. I fell into the TTRPG rabbit hole late but I fell hard and deep, Dungeons & Dragons specifically becoming my most invested hobby. More than anything, I love sharing hobby with those who have never played before! As someone who both loves the creative freedom of the game and whose day job is one that requires lots of technical reading and understanding of rules and structure, my game mastering style ends up being a fair combination of both; providing me with the patience and skill for teaching multiple new players at a time while keeping the game fun for everyone.


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