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Matt Ploch

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About me

I am an experienced 5th edition Dungeon Master. I have a homebrew campaign that I have run multiple times over the past six years. I am currently running two parties in this campaign setting looking to add a third. The campaign is called The Journey of the Gemstones and it takes place in the highly magical world of The Realm of Radiance. There are various guilds and a significant amount of demigods that walk the plane. This campaign is great for new players as well as seasoned veterans. As a DM I focus on story and roleplay more than Rules as Written and the Rule of Cool always wins at my table!

GM style

My GM Style largely depends on the actions of the PCs in the Realm of Radiance. In this campaign the Player's choices significantly impact the world and the progression of the story. I have ran this campaign 5 times and each time it has been different, because each time the party has been different and made different choices. I thoroughly enjoy adding complexity to combat. Combat is not just attack target A. Players realize that there may be different ways of approaching the situation. In addition combat is usually not as simple as attack the monster. Perhaps there is a building on fire while the city is being attacked. Does your player decided to help others in peril or harm the monster causing havoc. If two high level villains are escaping in different directions does the party decide to split up or to only chase one knowing that the other who escapes may come back to harm. Roleplay and tension of these big decisions that impact the entire world and have consequences are quite frequent.

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