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(he/him) Salutations! My name is Joshua, and I facilitate cooperative storytelling experiences. I have been GMing for 25 years with nearly 10,000 hours at the table behind the GM screen. Home games, con games, Short games, and long games. Simple, mysterious, Silly, or serious; I've run them. I believe that RPGs should be a safe playground where players can explore identities and ideas while feeling welcome and empowered. I design and facilitate my campaigns to center the player characters, weaving them into the world and building it up around them. My favorite genre is fractured fairy tales and fresh retellings of classic stories.

GM style

My number one commitment: meaningful player agency. When you play at my table, your decisions matter, and your actions have consequences. I write my NPCs to be interesting, compelling, and fun to spend time with. I design my combats to be tactically interesting and narratively compelling. But above all, I'm always happy to go off-script and improvise. I'd rather craft the story the players are invested in than the outcomes I've prepared for any day. That goes for overall structure too! If you're looking for softer or crunchier combat, different core themes, or something wildly off-the-wall - let's talk about it and make it happen!

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