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About me

From playing "the pretend game" as a kid, to singing and performing as a teenager, to touring with a drama group for many summers, to finally discovering D&D in my college dorm room, my life has been one creative outlet to another. But I think all of those outlets accumulated into one once I discovered TTRPGs. And as much as I loved being a creative player, the moment I stepped behind the GM screen, I realized how much creativity I was missing out on. I've definitely had my fair share of utter failures in the beginning (unknowingly making my entire storyline the plot for Guardians of the Galaxy just to name one), but after about 6 years of being a player and a DM, I feel confident to start bringing quality, exciting, well-crafted games to people other than my close friends. So welcome. Let's tell some stories together.

GM style

I would say my GM style is that of a jack of all trades. I love designing combat while making it fresh, fun, and challenging. I also love roleplaying and worldbuilding, giving the players memorable NPCs (good and bad) and a memorable story they contributed to. And I even love potentially sounding like an idiot attempting various accents, voice ideas, and monster noises that I will definitely be feeling in the morning. Ultimately, I want the most for my players. The most fun I get out of GMing is incorporating my players into the world we'll be playing in and making sure they have the most fun possible. This means I hate saying no to my players... just give me a good story reason why you're an plasmoid druid with a Ben 10 Omnitrix on your head in a ToA game (yes this is a real player and its amazing). I will even change parts of the campaign to make my character's stories be more naturally included. I also love crafting homebrew items, spells, and even subclasses for my players to use. I think it helps their character feel one of a kind, and only adds to their investment in the story we're telling together. In short, I'm here for your enjoyment as a player, and I'll make, adjust, and work with anything I can to make that happen. Because if you are having fun, I'm having fun.

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