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Hello there adventurer! My name is Kris (37Male/He/Him), I have been a DM since I first started playing DND, even from the beginning when I first started trying to learn with my friends, I was the one who ran the games for everyone. I continue to do so now, 15+ years later, only today I get to use the music I create at home, and the maps I make on my computer, instead of drawing on grid paper while we listen to my cd player skip in the background. ((check out my youtube link for my voices, and music I make))

GM style

I love to tie peoples backstories into the campaign, I lean a little bit more on RP, but find myself throwing in combat at least once per session. I very much root for my players, I dont like a dm vs players environment. I have ran for AL, so Im very much capable of making combat difficult, but most times, I try to just make sure it fits the story, rather than throwing in a bunch of random encounters that tend to bog things down. I like to use tons of maps to make sure there are visual tools for people to reference, I find myself always filling in the gaps most modules have, providing maps for every area that's being missed, usually taverns, churches, and storefronts. I also like to make sure ambience is being played, with the music I make personally, or tracks Ive collected throughout my life, I very much like to immerse my players in my world with vibrant details. I do like to use voices, and have a wide range of them, I practice them daily, and try to develop more as I get older. I find it helps distinguish npcs, but also help people get a feel for the people theyre interacting with. (check out my youtube link for my voices, and music I make)

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