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IMPORTANT: My adventures play much like a cooperative board game. Working as a team you'll overcome many obstacles that will challenge your mind and your resources. While the adventure has many D&D 5e gameplay features, it is not your typical D&D roleplaying experience. There's little NPC banter for example. If you were to place Matt Mercer (or other such actors) at one end of the roleplaying spectrum, I stand proudly at the pinnacle of the opposite end. By design, pushing classic improv voice acting to the backseat, I offer an experience unique from all other DMs. While there's still plenty of story within the adventure, I focus on puzzles that challenge the players themselves rather than their characters. All while trying to deliver fasted paced gameplay that keeps players engaged. My adventures contain many unique mini-games, custom-built for the Foundry virtual tabletop. If you don't like mini-games then my adventures won't be the best fit for you. If we're playing with a virtual tabletop, we may as well use it in ways that you couldn't normally play D&D in real life. I embrace the digital platform and cater to its strengths. That being said, this style of play is a radical change from the norms and because of that, this adventure is not for everyone. If you're looking to explore your character's troubled past or dig into your character's virtues, this adventure may not be for you. It's important to note that role-playing is certainly not discouraged and players can act out their characters to their heart's content. I focus on player-based puzzles, gritty combat, and challenging the players to work as a group. Secondary to this is roleplaying, although not the focus, it's certainly not discouraged. My adventures plays more like a cooperative board game than it does the roleplaying D&D style you’re used to. If you’ve played the board games Pandemic, Ghost Stories, Gloomhaven, 5-Minute Dungeon, Spirit Island, Castle Panic, Mansions of Madness, Descent, and Star Wars: Imperial Assault, then you’ll be in line with what I’m trying to achieve. If you don’t like playing cooperative board games, then my adventures might not be the best fit for you. In the game, the board governs all the rules instead of the DM. This makes the game at times more challenging since there are fewer on-the-fly DM judgment calls to help a player survive an unlucky role, or provide extra guidance when the players are stuck. I’ve seen the smartest of players get destroyed while others with incredible cooperation rise to victory. It really does create a different cooperative-focused challenge. My goal’s to deliver a different take on D&D, simply because few have tried it. For better or for worse, at least at the end of the day, we can say we tried something different. If you join my Discord in a timely manner I can provide you with all the source books from DnDBeyond to use while building your character. I bring a fully fleshed-out world built in Foundry Virtual Tabletop: 1. Beautiful full-color maps with walls and lighting effects 2. Detailed player and NPC tokens 3. Ambient music for each scene 4. Visual effects to accompany various spells and abilities 5. Complex traps that detect passive perception among other skills 6. Automated in-game events that keep sessions running quickly and smoothly. 7. A comprehensive Foundry VTT tutorial accessible from the Welcome Page I have a comprehensive Discord server with everything you need to know to play. I have a basic understanding of the rules of D&D 5e and can help new players with fundamentals. All characters for my adventures must be built in I can help in the character creation process if you wish. I will import your characters from into Foundry VTT.

GM style

Using Foundry VTT you'll experience tactical combat, layered with many puzzles that challenge you as player rather than your characters. I've made over 60 indie video games over my career, most notably the PC hit One Finger Death Punch 2. I bring that simple yet effective game design into my DM sessions. Challenging the players, but keeping things light, fast and fun. My style focuses on teamwork and cooperation. My games feature many many mini-games that are central to the core gameplay style I'm trying to create. As a DM I keep my roleplaying to a minimum, but roleplaying is certainly not discouraged. However, your character will not be forced to ineffectually swing at a troll because your character doesn't know that trolls are weak to fire. My objective is simple, I want to experiment with D&D in ways that have not been done before. Hope to play some D&D with you soon. Cheers! Jon

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