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JC (John Charles)
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Highly rated for: Voices, Storytelling, Creativity

About me

Hello there! I'm a full-time professional Game Master running seven (and sometimes more!) games a week for over three years now. I'm also a stage, screen, voice, combat, and improv actor from New York. I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs for over 12 years and have been a consummate nerd since time immemorial. In addition to performing, I graduated NYU as an English major with a penchant for fantasy writing. It's impossible to choose my favorite thing about TTRPGs– I simply love each aspect. Roleplaying with the players, intense and strategic combat, expansive worldbuilding, immersive storytelling, voicing beasts and evil overlords, creating puzzles, exploring ancient ruins... all of these are what make up an amazing game. My high charisma score brings energy and enthusiasm to the table, and I'm known for my love of storytelling, integrating characters' backstories, making distinct creature sounds, a wide range of NPC voices, my improvisational skills, and the colorful characters I bring to life. I love working with all kinds of players, ensuring that everyone feels involved, gets drawn into the experience, and most importantly, Rule #1: has fun. Some 5-Star Reviews for GM JC on other platforms: "JC made our story absolutely cinematic. The combats were wonderful, varied, and stylish, NPCs were so real and wonderfully acted, and the wrld was detailed, rich, and fully interactive. JC also paid attention to every character and their individiual stories, and it was fabulous to see everyone's story arc play out as part of the whole." - Meg, July 2022 "Looking back, it has been an amazing journey, with JC's role as our DM being a definite highlight. His sessions are always exciting and well balanced between the different aspects of the game (role-playing, combat, puzzles, exploration, etc.). He is also a voice actor, so his characters are varied and have personalities. Most importantly, he clearly listens to his players, goes out of his way to make them comfortable and engaged and is just generally a nice person!" - Bruno, March 2022 "JC had clearly set a reallly good tone with the group who have also been amazing to play with - us all working together but having our own backgrounds, agendas, characters in a story of epic proportions. I think the biggest testament to JC's skill as s DM is that we are a large party, with NPC's powerful magic items and currently at level 16 as characters... yet we are challenged, supported, and all have a huge stake in the narrative. Nobody is left behind and there is real tension at the table. It is the best D&D I have ever played." - Serge, March 2022

GM style

I'm a bit of what you might call an everyman. I craft immersive stories with great attention to detail and find ways to weave character backstories into the narrative as much as possible, even when running pre-published adventures. My voice acting background means I bring unique NPCs to life with a range of different accents and particular mannerisms. Monster sounds might be my favorite, as roaring dragons, wailing ghosts, ominous mind flayers, and many more creatures practically come to life during our games. I strive for equal balance between roleplay, combat, and exploration in my campaigns, so you might find yourself infiltrating a duke's masquerade ball one session, cleaving through hordes of goblins the next, socializing at a tavern afterwards, and exploring a centuries-old haunted elven ruin after that. Lastly, I've worked with many hundreds of players in the past and am comfortable running games for new players and veterans alike, easily adjusting to the group's preferred style of play.

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