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About me

I started my ttrpg journey with 2nd edition D&D as a player running through the The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Years later I got behind the DM screen for the first time, and have never looked back! I am the forever DM of my table, and always looking to better my skills through any means I can. Playing in as many different games as I can, running as many games I can manage, and running for other people are the best ways I have found to become better. I also host a DM advice podcast called the Dungeon Master's Block and this has by far and away helped me learn and grow as a DM by talking to amazing people in the ttrpg community. I can't wait to continue to grow, and create amazing game experiences with people here at Start Playing.

GM style

My GM style is do to whatever it takes to ensure that everyone at the table has as much fun as possible each session. Be that a game full of jokes, hijinks, and everything hilarious or a session wrought with tension, battle, and things that go bump in the night. Every group has a story to tell and as a GM it is my role to help that story see the light of day or the dead of night! If given the chance to stick to the rules, or do something cool because it will be more fun, then I will pick fun 100 times out of 100.


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