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LGBTQ+ friendly | Neurodivergent friendly | Character-focused Let's tell a story together! I started playing D&D 5e five years ago, but I've been telling stories my whole life. I wrote and illustrated my first story when I was six and finished college with a Creative Writing minor that had nothing to do with my business degree. I believe the best stories, however, are the ones you tell together with your friends. From make-believe on the playground to play-by-post RPGs with my online friends as a teenager, I grew up with a love of collaborative storytelling in particular. I even knew about D&D and was desperate to try it out, but it wasn't until five years ago that I finally found my people. Once I did, I jumped in headfirst and never looked back. I've played hundreds of hours since then and started DMing after just my second time playing. I love creating interesting scenarios for my players to react to and facilitating a fun time for everyone. I'm constantly getting new one-shot ideas and running them for my friends, meaning any games I post here will have been vetted at least once by them. My favorite part of DMing is seeing the unique perspective and ideas that each new player brings to the table, so let's get rolling!

GM style

* I'm a narrative-first DM. I'm most invested in the story we're crafting together and finding ways to let your characters shine. The rules provide important structure for doing that, but I'm usually open to a creative interpretation if it makes sense. * I am my players' biggest fan and see powerful PCs as a fun opportunity, not a problem to be solved. Does your PC have a really cool feature or ability that you can't wait to use? I promise you I'm just as excited as you are. * I like to keep combat moving so I don't run super crunchy encounters, but I do try to make each one unique and interesting. Expect combat that drives the story forward and detailed battle maps that encourage creative interactions and problem solving. * New to D&D/TTRPGs in general? No problem! I'm happy to help you build a character and set you up with some helpful resources before the game. Questions and clarifications are also always welcome. * My #1 priority is fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all. We will establish lines and veils beforehand, and players are encouraged to speak up or opt out at any time if they feel unsafe. I will never include or condone racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, ableism, or any other harmful behavior or attitudes.

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